Customer feedback is so important to us.  We love to hear from our customers about how we did, so we know we are either on the right track (no pun intended) or if we need to improve.  

Here are a couple of email comments that made our heart sing recently:

Nothing really more to say than it was a great service.  All a very simple process from booking to picking up the lock box and then most importantly the car was there at the end of the walk for us to climb into.   We had a great time and would recommend your service.

Dan, April 2019 

Hi Toni and the team!  Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help and advice on our Routeburn journey as well as the fantastic service.  We loved the cruise and LOVED walking off the track to our own car in Glenorchy… So thank you!
We really do feel as though you guys went the extra mile for us… so cheers and we’ll be in touch for next time! We’re thinking Kepler or Milford next April…
Caleb, April 2019
Thank you for the wonderful service, it made our experience in the routebourne that much better knowing we didn’t have to meet a shuttle schedule. I will highly recommend Easyhike to my friends and family visiting NZ.
Brian, Feb 2019 

We think you guys were awesome. Apart from being super friendly, I valued:  The logical 5 step process as an easy way to know we are on track, the transfers worked as planned, the car relocation seemed really easy and was so good to step off the boat and straight into the car

Well done. We had a fab time on the Milford Track. Are you sure it rains there? We had none for 3 days

Stuart, Feb 2019

I thought your service was fantastic! It went very smoothly and I have already recommended it to others.

Doug, Jan 2019 

We loved it – was so nice to get away from it all, the hike was stunning and the weather played it’s part!  Thank you so much for arranging everything – we were totally blown away!!

Kat, Jan 2019

Thanks Bobbie and this is now the second time we have used your car relocation services. Last year with Routeburn and now the Milford track. Once again, I was very pleased with your service and would certainly recommend to others. Convenient and just makes the all round trip nice and easy.

John, Nov 2018

Thank you for everything! You’re service was absolutely amazing!

Yotam, Dec 2018

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