Any booking made with Easyhike is subject to the following car relocation terms and conditions:

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VEHICLE CONDITION AND BREAKDOWNS: In the interest of health and safety of our drivers we reserve the right to refuse to move any vehicles without drivers airbags.  The vehicle to be transferred must be road legal, mechanically sound and safe to drive complete with drivers airbags. There must be sufficient oil, water and fuel provided for the vehicle transfer.  If the vehicle is older than 20 years old or doesn’t travel on the open road comfortably at 100k/h Easyhike reserve the right to charge a surcharge for the transfer.  Please tell us if this is the case so we can be prepared and discuss this prior. We also need you to tell us about any quirks your vehicle may have which may effect the operation of the vehicle and/or keeping it secure. If it is something really important that the driver must know – please tell us when booking, check we have the correct information during the reconfirmation process and also leave a note for the driver.

Easyhike Limited takes no responsibility in the case of a vehicle breakdown and all reasonable costs incurred in keeping the vehicle safe (ie. On road assistance and/or towing the vehicle) are met by the customer. If there are particular insurance or roadside assistance companies the customer would like Easyhike Limited’s driver to contact if required, please leave these details as a note on your booking for the driver.

If the battery is flat on your vehicle and it won’t start when we arrive to pick it up (perhaps due to the lights being left on or a door left ajar) Easyhike reserve the right to charge a breakdown/service fee (between $100 – $350) to get your vehicle started as this can take A LOT of additional time due to the remote location of each car park.  Please ensure you turn your lights off before you leave your vehicle! This breakdown/service fee also applies for flat tyres and other issues which may cause delay.


CANCELLATION POLICY: If you think you may need to cancel your booking, please call us as soon as possible.  If the you are cancelling due to DOC closing the track, a 75% refund applies up until your start date. Please contact us before you start the track if DOC advise you the track may close and we will discuss transport options.  Otherwise:

  • Cancel prior to 2 weeks before your start date = 90% refund
  • Cancel prior to 5 days before your start date = 75% refund
  • Cancel prior to 48 hours before your start date = 50% refund
  • Cancel 24 – 48 hours before your start date = 25% refund
  • Cancel within the last 24 hours = No refund (Please call us as soon as possible, depending on the situation we may flexible on this).

Please call Easyhike on 0800 327 944 and email immediately to notify of cancellation or booking mistake. If you get no response on one method, try the other.  Please use both phone and email contact methods. You can call this toll-free number from any payphone in New Zealand (including phones in Milford Sound and at Knobs Flat near the Divide Carpark).

CANCELLATION FEE COVER: If you are a little unsure of your plans and choose our upgrade ‘Cancellation Fee Cover’ (which must be booked at the same time as your car relocation).  The cancellation fee will be waived if you cancel your booking prior to 48 hours before your start date/time.  Last minute booking cancellations will still be subject to fees above as our driver will already be set to relocate your car.

NO SHOW/BOOKING MISTAKES: Easyhike reserves the right to charge a $100.00 fee to compensate the driver for wasted time and disrupted plans if you change your plans last minute and don’t inform us.  If you have made an error with your booking direction or date, the same fee can apply.

To avoid booking mistakes please double check both your car relocation booking and DOC hut booking for correct travel direction and dates as soon as possible.  If you made a booking error or change your plans last minute and don’t inform Easyhike as soon as possible and before we are due to collect your car, our driver may be out of contact at the carpark waiting for you.

KEY TRANSFER: Easyhike Limited have taken all due care required to keep the vehicle key safe and will provide either a LOCKABLE key transfer option at each end of the trailhead or a third party authorized by Easyhike Limited to hold the vehicle key until required by the customer.  If you don’t return this lock box soon after your relocation, your credit card will be charged $100 to cover replacement costs. If you are travelling on to Milford Sound – this is not a problem.  Return the lockbox when you pass through Te Anau afterwards.

FUEL- Please leave your car full of fuel prior to the relocation.

Routeburn Track walkers: As part of our service during this relocation we top your car up with $40 fuel along the way.  This is to ensure you are not running low on fuel and will quite comfortably make it to the fuel station in the next town once you have collected your vehicle again.  The receipt will be left for you and if $40 doesn’t quite fit in the fuel tank, Easyhike will refund the balance to you.  If you choose not to prepay for additional fuel and our driver deems it necessary to add fuel to your vehicle (if you tank is ¼ or less at the last petrol station), there will be an administration fee of $20 chargeable on top of the fuel added to recover costs associated with this added service.

CUSTOMER CONTACT DETAILS: Easyhike reserve the right to use (and share with partners and booking agents) customer contact details to assist with their booking and gain feedback on our service.

START TIMES AND VEHICLE DELIVERY: We ask for indications from you about your planned start and finish times.  Our schedules and drivers plan around these times for pickup and delivery.  If you start walking after your indicated start time and our driver has to wait for you we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee to cover our drivers time while doing so.

Likewise,  we will do our very best to deliver your car before the deadline time you have chosen for the relocation.   Every now and then, there may be a delay due to circumstances outside our control (ie, mechanical issues, a road closure). In this case we will do our best to get a message to you with further information.

There is a small surcharge for relocating Sleeper/Campervans.  This is due to the fact that they are often slower on the open road than standard vehicles.

INSURANCE: The vehicle must be insured with a minimum of third party insurance.  In the unlikely event of incident, theft, or any other damage, Easyhike Limited take no responsibility for liability unless damage is caused by a direct action of the Easyhike Limited driver.

PLEASE NOTE: When driving to the Routeburn Shelter, there is an unsealed section of road and some rental agencies do not allow you to travel on unseal roads in New Zealand.  Please check with your rental agency about driving the rental car on this unsealed road.

RENTAL CARS: Easyhike Limited will add an additional driver to your rental car hire contract for insurance purposes.  This is usually done a couple of days prior to the relocation. If there is a fee associated with adding additional drivers to the rental agreement, this is a cost to the customer and the rental agency will charge the customer’s credit card on file.

CAMPERVANS: Easyhike Limited takes no responsibility for damage to appliances or articles stored in the campervan or mobile home. It is the customers responsibility to ensure these are all secured for transport. Easyhike Limited will take all due care to ensure there is no damage, but the transfer may involve travel along unsealed roads where items may move if not properly secured.

PRIVATE VEHICLES: It is the customers responsibility to notify their insurance company regarding additional drivers if this is required (usually this will not be required). All Easyhike drivers are over 25 years of age with a full drivers licence and driver details will be provided by Easyhike if required by the insurance company.

IN THE EVENT OF AN INCIDENT: If an accident or incident occurs through no fault of Easyhike Limited or Easyhike driver, the customer is liable to pay all costs including the insurance excess.

If the customer has chosen a high excess insurance option with minimal insurance cover (with the rental agency or private insurance agent), the customer is liable for the entire excess amount.  If there is an accident that is determined to be the fault of the Easyhike driver, Easyhike will be liable for a typical New Zealand insurance excess of up to $500.


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