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Packing for a hiking adventure can be tricky, particularly if it’s your first time and you don’t know what to expect, let alone what to take. Being well prepared and ready for the unexpected is key to an enjoyable and safe outdoor experience. You’ve heard us say that the weather in Fiordland can change very quickly, and it’s no secret we do get a lot of rain so you need to be covered for all conditions – rain, snow or shine!

There’s a fine line between taking too much (you have to carry it remember!) and not enough – light and layers are key.  Below, we’ve provided a complete guideline of what we recommend you take on your NZ Great Walk hiking adventure. We can help you with all your Hiking Gear needs to save you lugging it from home, for just a short part of your holiday.


      Hiking boots or firm footwear (tailored to your feet and well broken in)

      Slip-on shoes/sandals (thin/lightweight, perfect for the huts)

      Merino socks x 2 pairs

      Merino thermal under layers – 2 x sets of thermal tops and thermal pants

      Shorts (fast-drying, not cotton)

      Long pants (lightweight, fast-drying, not cotton)

      Short-sleeved shirt (fast-drying, not cotton)

      Merino mid-layer top

      Fleece top-layer top

      Rain jacket (water and windproof with a hood) + Rain pants *

      Down jacket – if you are prone to feeling the cold, this is a must, but it isn’t essential as you can take more warm merino clothing instead. Be mindful that if Down gets too wet, it becomes heavy and won’t provide any warmth. A Down jacket also doubles as a great pillow inside your sleeping bag.

      Warm hat and gloves (woollen or fleece)

      Sunhat and sunglasses

      Swimwear (depending on which track you’re hiking and how brave you are!)


●      Backpack (40-60 litre)*

●      Pack Liner + cover*

●      Sleeping bag + liner*

●      Walking poles – we love poles as they help to spread a load of your pack away from your knees and provide additional support*

●      First Aid Kit*

●      Drink bottle/Hydration Bladder

●      Matches/lighter in a waterproof bag*

●      Headlamp*

●      Cooking/Eating equipment (pots, plates, mugs, cutlery)*

●      Kitchen tidy kit*

●      Sunscreen + Insect repellent*

●      Toiletries – toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste (shared), small cloth/towel, deodorant, lip balm (with SPF30), perhaps moisturizer/lotion, small packet of tissues.

●      Strapping tape – this comes in handy for many things. Equipment issues or hot spots where feet have been rubbing to stop blisters forming.

●      Pain relief – if there is an old injury or something that may flare up, take a few paracetamol tablets just in case.


●      Camera (essential!)

●      Inflatable Pillow*

●      Earplugs*

●      Gaiters

●      Personal locator beacon

●      Cards, maybe a book (consider the extra weight)

●      Portable stove and fuel**

●      Toilet Paper**


*Items are included in our Great Walk Gear Hire, Essentials OR Premium packages.

**Items are track dependant. Not required for the Fiordland Great Walks during the Great Walk season, but if you’re hiking other tracks, or outside Great Walk Season, they might be required. 

  • I was a little leery about using rented equipment. What Easyhike provided was very high quality. No different than what I would have brought for myself. The packs were great.
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