You may know by now, when the Easyhike team relocate a car we quite often head back over the track to get home again.  Even after all this time, I still love the ‘reset’ a walk over the track provides me.  Did you know Easyhike has now taken ‘No Hassle Adventuring’ to a whole new level?  Interested? Read on…

Let me elaborate

Lake Wilson picnic spot with Jesse

I can’t help but take way too many photos when we are in amazing places!

I have lost count of how many times I have walked/jogged/plodded over the Routeburn Track in all weathers.  Each time has it’s own unique factor ie. amazing sunrise, friendly people (often our own customers!), sideways rain, ‘pea soup’ cloud, absolute silence, and so on.  There was even one time when I DIDN’T EVEN STOP for one photo, not one.  Jesse my husband pretty much fell over when I told him about that day at the ‘office’.  Yes, I just CAN’T HELP but get my camera out at my favourite parts of the track or when I just LOVE my surroundings – it often drives him up the wall when we are out and about in the mountains together…
Routeburn Track - oversize pack

An example of a pack that is larger than it needs to be when you are staying a couple of nights Great Walk huts on the Routeburn. Keep it light but ensure you have the right things inside.

While team Easyhike walk the same track over and over again, the time of day, time of year, weather, how we are feeling and of course people we meet along the way make each and every day just a little bit different.  However,  there was one thing I noticed at least once along the way every time last summer.  There are so many people who commit their time and energy to walking the Routeburn Track, but do so without the right knowledge and/or gear to give their walk the X factor.  What a waste!  As you can imagine there is plenty of time while walking to ponder why so many people fall into this trap and I’m sure this discussion will continue in my head next time I am walking along the Hollyford Face (one of my fav spots!!).

Why do so many people waste this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity?

DOC in Queenstown has a brand new Visitor Centre with some great information you can check out as you pick up your hut tickets.

DOC in Queenstown has a brand new Visitor Centre with some great information you can check out as you pick up your hut tickets.

One of my theories – people just aren’t informed.  While the information is out there, either it isn’t found, or is ignored.  So I am on a mission to inform more people about what they should take (and not take!) on the Routeburn Track to enhance their experience. I have put together a free Great Walk Cheat Sheet (email sign up), gear planning lists and last minute check lists for visitors who show interest in the track or book our car relocation service. Another way I am helping people to be more prepared is by taking the time and hassle out of preparing the correct hiking gear and delicious food.  These days our time is valuable to many of us, and when we are travelling, we want to spend as much as we can actually experiencing the place we have put so much effort into visiting.  For a lot of people, this experience does not include running about town last minute, gathering hiking equipment and thinking about the best hiking food options – then wondering if you have got the right gear and then, trying to fit it all inside a backpack that ends up being a lot bigger and heavier than it needs to be.

What’s most important for you – Time? Experience? Money? Your ideal balance of all three?

The type of foods we include in our food package including our antipasto platter

The type of foods we include in our food package including our antipasto platter

Some backpackers looking to save every cent they can may become familiar with this process of comparing options and weighing up cost verses experience.  However for most of us; who value our travel time, we consider it as really smart to spend a little extra NZD on quality food/gear that is lighter to carry 32 km over the mountains.  Quick/easy/tasty/lightweight food tops off a great day in the outdoors and when it is delivered already packed up to our accommodation the day before – ideal!   No worrying about what to take – all you need to arrange is appropriate clothing and personal medications/toiletries, plus of course a good level of fitness. All this goes hand in hand with a sense of adventure, of course.  Take one of them along with our Routeburn Essentials and no matter what the weather, the Routeburn Track rarely disappoints.  How do I know this?  Customer feedback.  If you want to read another travellers views, click here for Young Adventuress’s Routeburn Track blog. What is your unofficially ‘essential’ item to take on an overnight walk to enhance your experience? Mine is my camera… For more information about our Routeburn Essentials package – click here. If you already have your car relocation booked and would like upgrade to our Routeburn Essentials package – email me at For more information about Easyhike and our current adventures, click here for our about page. Also connect with us on facebook and instagram.