Car Relocation

You do the hike and your car will be waiting for you when you finish.


Independence offers so much convenience. Your time is valuable and the best way to make the most of it when you’re on holiday is to travel at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our car relocation is a simple and efficient way for you to do just that.

Choosing a car relocation means you can take your time on the track, there’s no meeting time or backtracking required. It’s safe, secure and we take care of the insurance arrangements with your rental car company. For groups, it’s also more cost-effective and efficient than the bus, plus you get the added bonus of a fresh pair of clothes (and snacks) waiting for you at the end of your walk!

For a detailed step-by-step breakdown of how our car relocation works, see our 5 Step Process.

How It Works

Rental Agencies

Other Tracks


Specific Terms and Conditions apply to our vehicle relocations and we recommend you read them here.

How It Works
  1. After you’ve secured your DOC hut tickets, book your car relocation with us online here.
  2. You provide us with your vehicle details and walking times. (No meeting times required)
  3. You don’t need to do anything different when collecting your vehicle. A few days before your hike, we contact your rental car agency to add our driver to your insurance agreement.
  4. You collect a lockbox from our partners in Te Anau or Queenstown.
  5. You fix the lockbox (with your car key inside) to your vehicle and start your hike.
  6. While you are walking, we move your car to your finish point.
  7. You finish your walk, locate your car and the key from the same lockbox.
  8. You drop off the lockbox back in Te Anau or Queenstown en route to your next destination.


Routeburn Track: Late Starts/Early Finish's & 1 or 2 Day Relocations

It takes a lot of time to organise each and every car relocation, so to enable our top-notch service we have a standard start time for Routeburn Track car relocations of 10.30am.


Please have your car parked and ready for relocation by 10.30 on the day you start walking. 

We schedule our drivers to relocate your vehicle so it’s ready for your collection after 1pm on your last day.  If you’d like your vehicle before 1pm, please let us know.

Walking the Routeburn Track in one or two days? Due to the additional effort required for a single day or two day relocations in the direction from Routeburn (Queenstown end) to Divide (Te Anau end), a surcharge on top of the relocation fee applies.

Routeburn Shelter to Divide – Two day surcharge $50, One day surcharge $150.

Walking from Divide to Routeburn Shelter? No two day surcharges apply. A surcharge of $50 may apply for a one day car relocation.

Additional Driver Fees

In most cases, adding an additional driver to your rental agreement is free of charge. However, some companies do charge a small fee and we’d suggest checking our list of rental car agencies below and confirming any additional fees with your agency direct.


We are unable to relocate a vehicle if it is not insured. For rental cars/campers, we will contact your rental company a few days before you walk and add our driver to your rental agreement for insurance purposes. Our driver will be insured under the insurance option you choose with your rental company.

Private Vehicles

We will happily relocate your private vehicle, however, the vehicle must be insured with a minimum of comprehensive cover. It will be up to you to notify your insurance company regarding additional drivers (if applicable). All Easyhike drivers are over 25 years of age with a full drivers licence.


Before starting your walk, we ask that you ensure the vehicle is full of fuel to ensure our driver can relocate it safely for you. With all of our Routeburn Track relocations, our service includes a $40.00 fuel top-up.  This ensures the distance between the start/finish of the track (approx 324kms) can be covered with enough fuel for you to continue exploring once you finish. We’ll leave you a receipt for this in the vehicle and if it isn’t necessary to top up the full $40, we’ll refund you the balance.

Unsealed Roads

Access to some tracks like the Routeburn, Kepler, Greenstone/Caples, Hollyford and Rees/Dart Tracks include a section of travel on an unsealed (dirt) road. Some rental agencies don’t provide insurance cover on unsealed roads and we recommend you clarify this with them before making your booking. For more details on the specific unsealed sections on each track, please contact us.


Campers and Motorhomes can also be relocated, just let us know the type of vehicle when making your booking. Relocations of large campers may attract an additional surcharge due to the increased travel time it takes our drivers.

Windscreen & Flat Tyre Cover

We recommend you choose the full insurance cover on your vehicle when driving in New Zealand. Windscreen stone chips or flat tyres can be common on our roads, especially on unsealed roads, and these costs can really add up. Parts of the roads to access some of our tracks are unsealed, which is fine for most cars to travel on, but drivers need to exercise extra caution. We don’t take any responsibility for windscreen damage or flat tyres while we are relocating your car.

Key Transfer & Lockbox

Before you start your walk, we will provide you with a lockbox to safely attach to your vehicle to store your key for our driver to relocate your car. After your vehicle has been moved to the end of the track, we’ll use the same lockbox to store your key for your collection.

How It Works

Rental Agencies

Other Tracks


Some companies outside of Queenstown aren’t so familiar with Easyhike and our relocation service, but this isn’t a cause for concern. We take care of the insurance details directly with them closer to your walk.

We’ve relocated hundreds of vehicles over the years and have great relationships with many of the rental agencies in New Zealand. Before you book your vehicle we suggest checking the list below of what to expect from them in terms of fees and conditions associated with our car relocation.

Rental Agency Checklist

NO FEES (last time we checked)
Avis, About, Anzed, A2B, Abuzzy, Alpha, Apex, Ascot, Bay of Islands Campervans, Britz, Budget, Backpacker, Budget Campers, Campa South, Christchurch Car Hire, Escape, Ezi Car, Freedom Campers, Hertz, Jucy, Kea, Kiwi Campers, Maui, McDonalds, NZ Rent A Car, New Zealand Car Rentals, Pegasus, Pod, Quality Car Rentals, Rent a Dent, Rental Car Village, Road Abode, Sleepervans, Snap, Spaceships, Tui, United, Usave, Walkabout, Wilderness, Thrifty, Scotties (Thrifty & Scotties do usually have a fee, however, waive it for Easyhike clients).

FLAT FEE (per additional driver)
Ace & Lucky

DAILY FEE (per additional driver)
Discount Rentals, Mighty Campers (in some cases)

Apollo Motorhomes, StarRV, Cheapa Campa, Hippie, Wilderness, Europcar

Ace, Alamo, Enterprise, Escape, Campa South, Discount, Hugo, Hitch,  Lucky, Mad, National, Omega, Sixt, Real Value, Travellers Autobarn, Usave, Wicked.

If your agency isn’t on this list, give us a call and we can help work through it with you.

How It Works

Rental Agencies

Other Tracks

Other Tracks


Yes, we might be able to relocate your car while you walk other tracks.  Contact us to enquire about other options.

What People are Saying…

EasyHike was a fantastic service from the beginning to the end. We were a family of 5, on the last day out of the hike absolutely thrilled to have our car waiting for us. We were hot and exhausted and very happy not to have to rush or wait for a shuttle. Lock box system very simple to use. Wonderful hand written note with a lovely postcard waiting for us in our car, nice touch. Email communication fantastic. Brilliant company. Thanks

DayTrip04161698941 – January 2020