Is Fuel included in the price?

No, fuel is additional.  We suggest you fill-up the car before starting the track.

If you are walking the Routeburn Track, you need to pre-pay $40 for additional fuel and we will top up your tank (leaving you the receipt) on the way to the other side enabling you to continue exploring before having to find a gas station at the other end.  Usually, cars have 3/4 tank left after the relocation – of course, this varies depending on what type of car you are driving.

How does the car relocation work?

We pick up your car once you have started your walk, and drive it around to the other end of the track so it is there when you finish.  You don’t have to meet us, pick us up or adjust your plans.

We ask that you fill your fuel tank before heading to start the track.

When will you pick up and/or deliver our car?

It all depends on our other bookings.  Sometimes we will collect it on the day you start, and deliver it on the day you finish, however, we can not guarantee it.

Otherwise, it could be anytime between your chosen start and finish dates/times (on your booking with us).

We have these start and finish times to minimize waiting around for you and also our driver. Please tell us ahead of time if your plans change.

How do we swap keys?

You will pick up a mini lock box with combination lock before you start the track and leave your car key inside at the car park.   This means you don’t have any strict starting or finishing times and your plans remain flexible.  If you want to meet us before your walk – let us know and we will do our best to assist.

Are proximity keys ok?

Check your car for a towing loop underneath the front or the back and test this location with your car keys to see if it is far enough from the sensors. If so pick up a lockbox with a shackle to hook through the towing loop and secure the key here.

If there is no towing loop look for something else to secure the lockbox on.  Perhaps the springs above the front wheels?  Please check that there is enough clearance above the wheel to access the lockbox again – REMEMBER – to unshackle the loop we need to open the box right up and unlatch it from inside.  This requires a lot more space than simply securing the loop when the keys are already inside the box.

If in doubt, please ask and we can assist with another option for key security.

Will it be easy to find our car at the other end?

ROUTEBURN & KEPLER: The car parks are not very big and we will try to park in the shade where possible and suggest you do the same.  You do need to know your license plate number/car description.

MILFORD: Due to parking fees, we will park in a specific place with no fees and you will need to catch a shuttle to your car.  The shuttle driver will know where your car is parked and take you there.

 Can we call you from the car park?

There is no mobile phone reception at either The Divide or the Routeburn Shelter.  When driving towards Milford Sound, most people generally lose mobile phone reception once they leave Te Anau.

There are a few payphones in Milford Sound – you can call 0800 Easyhike  from these free of charge.

It is important you contact us with any final questions before you leave Glenorchy or Te Anau for your walk.

We will have a rental car or camper, are we covered for insurance?

Yes, we contact your rental company and add an additional driver to your rental agreement.  Whichever insurance option you have chosen will apply when we are driving too.  This is free of charge and no problem for most rental companies, to check if your’s is one of them, please click here.

If your rental company isn’t on the list, please give us or your rental company a call to find out more.  There are so many rental companies in New Zealand, our list is made up of those we have already worked with.

We will be driving our own car, will you be insured?

Yes, most car insurance in New Zealand is to cover the vehicle, not the person driving.  If you are unsure if this applied to your insurance, please check.  We will need confirmation from you or your insurance company that our driver is covered under your insurance policy.

How safe are the car parks?

There haven’t been any issues with car park security for a while now, but there is no guarantee.  We are happy to drop your luggage into storage for you along the way.  There may be additional fees for the storage. We suggest keeping valuables out of sight and taking the usual precautions when parking your car, just in case.

Can you recommend somewhere to stay at either end of the track?

As locals, we can give you great advice as to where to stay and what to do in the area.  Let us know if you would like a few ideas on where to stay and what to do.

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